enelya - daily life photographer


Nelly Jarousseau was born in 1980 in Vendée, she grew up alongside a very productive amateur photographer father.
In 2013, in Paris, she learned photography through technical courses, composition courses, decisive moments and 'street photography' courses with internationally recognized professionals: Darryl Evans (Vu agency), Jérôme Lorieau (Hans Lucas) and Yonathan Kellerman.
In 2015, she turned to works of authorship, mixing photographs and texts. She presents a series of diptychs on the theme of the texture of time, as part of an internal collective in a club of the Photographic Federation of France (Photo Club Levallois-Perret). She has also participated in the exhibition "street" in the peristyle of the city town hall of Levallois-Perret.
She practices both digital and film (shots, developments, enlargers and prints). His "Twelve Days in One" series has been selected by the Fontaine Obscure Gallery as part of the Days of Photographic Micro-edition and Artistic Book.
She graduated from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.
In 2016, she chose the status of photographer author with the ambition to deepen and perpetuate her artistic commitment. She now responds to private orders for author series. In parallel, she creates personal series exhibited.